Edition Wegner


Basic profile

Year 2018 the multi-layered location of the Dürkheim Feuerberg. It is the structured loess-loam earth that is specifically optimum for varieties of Burgundy. A light chalky impaction ensures a wonderful, elegant  minerality. 


Variety profile

Cuveé from 70% Pinot Blanc and 30% auxerrois from used oak barrels


Sensory profile

A nose of yellow fruits, melon, pear and fine nuances of vanilla. Flavours are fresh such as a subtle force and independence, harmonious density, fine minerality and a subtle hint of wood.


Occasion profile

Two-tone is an experience oriented personality. Open, fresh, young, inviting – but also something quite particular. It is the clear improvement of a wine for every occasion, as its immediately recognisable refinement and elegance makes it stand out ever for greater occasions.



Basic profile

Year 2017 the location of the Dürkheim Feuerberg. The specifics here are the easily warmed and storage-intense sandstone, the weathering terrain and the presence of gravel in the subsoil. These are ideal soil and subsoil conditions, as the key grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon processes heated soils excellently into its structural density. Matured 30 months in new oak barrels.


Variety profile

Cuveé from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot


Sensory profile

A nose of red pepper, brambles, rosehip, cloves and coffee. Flavours of mature, rounded tannin, strong, lingering long on the palate with a mineral-fruity and complex sustained aftertaste.


Occasion profile

Bass is a consistent personality that one opens and drinks on worthwhile occasions that takes a bit longer to enjoy, share and even celebrate. These could be the quite small rewarding things, but just as easily the great happenings in life.


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