Our Riesling in the style of an orange wine


The next generation is already starting. Our son Philipp had the idea to create a mash-fermented Riesling, which we obtained in 2014 in small quantities from our best grapes. This wine production corresponds approximately to that from the antique one. So called "Orange Wines" are naturally characterized by a dark yellow to orange color and a special taste. He is now exclusively to have!


Der Eichelmann 2016:

"An exciting - and successful - experiment is the mash-fermented and matured in barrique Riesling from the Herrenberg, the wine is initially closed, opens after a day and unfolds aromas of bread crust, lime, orange peel and herbs and on the third day he is always still very present, stable and has a lot of pressure."


 Gault Millau 2015:

(...) "Something new is the Riesling 14, a mash fermented wine, so almost orange, but just neither dirty nor oxidative, but with concise tannins on the tongue."




"Are you lunatic too?"

Exceptional characteristics for a Riesling, subtle aromas of wood, gentle fruit tones, intense structure.
90 Points Gault Millau 2015
92 Points Gault Millau 2014


Full moon harvest, moonshine lunatic:

That's exactly what we wanted with the special Riesling of our top vineyard Ungsteiner Herrenberg.

The result is a rather idiosyncratic character.

But how nice: After all, the moon is said to be a special attraction to tides and people.


This wine stands for an experiment in two ways:

For one thing, we fermented the wine in a new barrique barrel

and stored for about 6 months on the lees in the barrel. On the other hand, we have put the filling day on full moon,

to capture the special influences of the moon phases on the wine. Both give this Riesling more spice, body, length and longer life. Recommendation: try it!


 Gault Millau:

(...) "In the barrique, he succeeds almost everything. The best example of this is the magnificent Riesling Lunatic: intense, long, diffenrenziert and the biggest surprise of the tasting phase in the Palatinate. "(...)

"Joachim Wegner baffles us again and again."




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