Our red wines

Precisely according to the example of the top vintners in Bordeaux and Burgundy our top red wines are given a long time to mature. Up to 30 months in oak barrels!

Such enterprise philosophy is very rare in Germany if not unique:

You can buy red wines of ours that go back to 2017 and in some cases as long ago as 2007.



Taking up approximately 40% of the surface area of our vineyard indicates what a significant role the red grape variety plays in our vineyard. Our primary varieties of Burgundy and Dornfelder span the entire range from a simple red wine to the top products stored for years. In our winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah stand for wines of international expression and style.




An outstanding wine is already being produced in our vineyard! A vintner can only extract the full potential of his vineyard with healthy, fully ripe grapes. We work towards this goal throughout the entire year. The most important period is, naturally, the phase shortly before and during harvesting, when the grapes are completely ripe and have attained their full aroma. The key here is experience and a precise knowledge of your vineyard.



The Riesling is the most important grape variety in our vineyard and takes up about a third of our wine-growing area. On the gentle slopes and in the mild climate of the Rhine rift valley, in and around Durkheim, Riesling has the optimal conditions required for producing excellent wines; from the estate Riesling to top quality wines.


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